Easily discover and monitor customized opportunities from global patent citations.

Search companies’ and law firms’ patent portfolios tapping into our live data feeds of more than 1.5 billion records. And identify and receive relevant and timely information concerning your own or your client’s IP interests.

Advanced search to find business opportunities
Advanced search to find business opportunities

You decide what creates value for you. Search by proprietor or responsible law firm and refine your results with a choice of advanced filters.

Effortless. We know which patents you own or look after, and their legal status. This eliminates the need for manual importing or regular updating of patents.

Save searches to monitor your business interests
Save searches to monitor your business interests

Access 1.5 billion data points and create as many searches as you need. Even download the reports.

Discover powerful patent insight that you can act on. Our search and alert system considers strength of opportunity and timelines for opposition or infringement procedures.

Get notified when new cases are discovered
Get notified when new cases are discovered

Scanning 90+ IP Offices daily, Citation Eagle immediately alerts you to all opportunities or threats that match your criteria.

This customised business intelligence is sent by email and also displayed in your Citation Eagle dashboard. There you can manage notification results.

Citation Eagle for IP Law Firms

Citation Eagle is your automated patent advisory tool that helps you grow your business. Discover real licensing opportunities or likely threats of infringement, allowing for timely action and leverage.

Use Citation Eagle to:

  • Value-add service offering for your clients, monitoring their prior art in regards to competitor technology
  • Ignite relationships with clients and associates providing them with critical business intelligence
  • Create competitive advantage

Citation Eagle for Corporates and Research Organisations

Monitor your patent portfolio automatically, effortlessly. Proactively manage references of your prior art and respond to business opportunities or infringements within key timeframes, and leverage.

Use Citation Eagle to:

  • Foster new collaboration and licensing opportunities by discovering organisations with overlapping RnD interests
  • Ensures you renew and monetise high value patents, by understanding which are of interest to others, including from adjacent industries, or new market entrants
  • Creates commercial/competitive advantage for your organisation, discovering threats of infringement, or starting opposition and invalidity procedures in good time

Citation Eagle is the most effective and effortless citation tracking software service in the world. 1.5+ billion records updated daily

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